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Memories of my small island

Let's go to the beach!
Chasing crabs is
so much fun
Fishing, swimming,
towering sand castles
We can play
all day long.


Coral Whisper 201  Whistler

Sitting on the sand
with eyes closed
Feel the cool breeze
echoing across
Gentle rhythm,
in and out
I become one
with the waves.
sango 202 Peter

Grandma lives right
next to the beach
Dig sand
with small hands
Surprise grandma
with lots of clams
A big smile
lights her face
I love visiting
grandma's house.
sango 203 Granny

Corals laid out on the
Clank clank clank
Clink clank clank
Joyful sounds
dance in my ear.
sango 204   Aunt Anna

White powdery sand
runs down bare feet
The softest sand in the
whole wide world
on the nice bed below
A peaceful time
all alone.
sango 205   Wilbur

The ocean breeze,
The clear blue sea,
The pure white sand,
All bring back
memories full of wonder.

sango 206  Professor Majorie

Picnic time on the beach
Set up the tent and pile
the rocks
Light a fire and start
the barbeque
Hermit crabs scurry to join
Beginning of an island
sango 207   Bobby

Staring into the dark
blue ocean
I wonder what's
there in the deep
A hidden world,
of unimaginable

sango 208   Richard

Time has stopped
as the waves
gently roll by
The sun shining on the
glistening water below
Energy of the earth
shines down.
sango 209   L'artiste

Watching the sunset
on my favorite beach
Orange, yellow,
Purple, red
Magical colors fill the sky.
sango 210  Oscar

I caught a tiny fish
She was blue and
very pretty
Can I put you into
my treasure box?
She said
" No, thank you. "
So, I let her go back into
the ocean
We promised to see
each other again.

sango 211  Lacole

The ocean is
my home
The ocean is
my everything
I wish
it will be here with me
always and forever.

sango 212  Jacarie Back To Top

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