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Coral Whisper: A Commitment to making ecologically friendly art pieces
1. We only utilize bleached (dead) corals that have washed up on the shore, and the natural forms and colors of corals and shells are used since we value and respect nature. Nothing has been honed or refined in any way.
2. The glue used is water-soluble. After the pictures have been taken, the corals and shells are returned to their natural habitat (water and beaches where they were found). Anyone who visits the beach can enjoy those corals and shells for many years.
3. All artworks are introduced only by a mixture of media artwork such as photographs and other digitally processed images, so that any species will not perish even if the artwork increases in popularity.
4. Only bleached corals (non-living) washed ashore are used. Bleached corals are often quoted as indicators of global warming and the changing ocean environment. Bleached corals are symbolic of respectfully preserving beach resources and the beautiful coral reefs of the world.

(When water temperatures rise one to two degrees above average, the color of corals are washed away, leaving them bleached. Corals can recover, but if the heat persists or if bleaching frequently occurs, they die.)
5. In addition, Coral Whisper promotes a new direction of merchandise in developing nations and small islands around the world.
The goal is for rural economies to be able to make a living without directly selling and loosing precious beach resources


Please go to the Corel Whisper page to meet our Coral characters


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