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1. Islands4Kids.org

Islands4Kids.org is an international marine debris study resources and outreach program for students in grades K-12 and young adults.
Naoko-Art performs a variety of functions, including content creation, production, and design of art materials for an online educational program for children about marine environmental conservation.

2. Marine-Debris.org

Many different factors must be taken into consideration when dealing with marine debris. With the help of young people all across the world who are passionate about their local environment, Marine-Debris.org working to inspire them to take action and keep them informed of how our current course will have global ramifications.
Naoko-Art develops and produces visual aids that foster empathy, encouraging more youth worldwide to become involved in monitoring their local environmental situation and participating in activities that increase the rate of collection of plastic products that contribute to marine debris.


3. Reading Room

Since 2005, Naoko-Art has created online children's storybooks about the ocean environment and marine creatures. When creating reading books, we use easily understandable explanations and a rich source of original images and visual aids to arouse curiosity and wonder. We hope that the overall impact of each book will be an unforgettable experience for young people while also developing skilled environmental stewards on a global scale.

4. Online Textbooks for K-12

Our online textbooks were designed for youngsters to gain an essential awareness of marine debris, emphasizing the influence of sea creatures and the actual damage to the beach's ecological system at a glance.
Our textbook production implements numerous innovative and scientific approaches to provide young people who are not physically present at the site with a virtual experience of the reality of marine debris and ocean environmental change.

5. In this Bule Ocean

We will inform students worldwide about the impact of plastic debris on marine life and the ecosystems of beaches where it washes ashore, and the actual damage suffered by people living in coastal areas through poster creation. Our production goal is to continue creating visuals that, we believe, will be ingrained in children's memories for a lifetime through inventive descriptive techniques.


6. Miyakojima-Kidsnet.org

Miyakojima-Kidsnet.org is primally a children's overall regional experimental educational program based on a socio-cultural, environmental research project on remote Japanese islands in Okinawa. Naoko-Art involves content creation, website production, and the design of art products.


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